Shenandoah Music Conference Day 1

Submitted by Becky Stewart
Day One – not in Afghanistan, but Winchester, VA having survived the first day of the Church Musician Institute!
A rough day of long travels, no substantive food until 9 p.m. and headaches and fatigue for the duo after a weekend of flat tires:  one for Lisa Friday night and one for Becky on da’ Lincoln Saturday night coming home from the salsa gig at 1 a.m.  But all is well:  4 new tires on the Bogardus-mobile managed to get this duo to Winchester whilest the Slam-mobile is at home with a fresh doughnut temporarily holding up the ride.
Introductions of the group were made of various characters from different musical backgrounds:  one organist worked for the “chosen frozen” (I think Presbyterian), two sisters (I mean SISTERS, child!) from southern Virginia with no real musical background just here to “learn something new,child”, and lots of highly degreed, young and old, very technical musicians, mostly choir directors and organists.  Our duo feels very special having come from an innovative and creative background of experience at St. George’s where we play jazz and chamber chorale music, shake shakers and ocassionally move, and play almost any other instrument besides the organ!!  One thing is clear:  our fearless leader back home is much appreciated for your talents and teaching abilities which are very much repeated during our first night of choir practice by Dr. Cooksey.  Yes, that’s right, LISA WAS MADE TO SING.   She mentioned something about making our fearless leader “pay for this”?! 
Also, we may have some homework to pass on to you:  we are required to put together two services under the tutorage of Dr. Oesterling.  One is an Ash Wednesday service (on Thursday morning oddly enough) in which the theme is spiritual music and the lessons are :  Psalm 51: 1-17, Isaiah 58: 1-12 and 2nd Corinthians 5: 20 – 6;10 and Matthew 6:1-6, 16 – 21.   The 2nd service is on Tuesday evening and is a service of Psalms with Psalms to be selected.   Music (obviously Psalms) are to be selected by our team.   Any recommendations, music and ideas are much appreciated, sir!!
We’ll be in touch …..
Becky and Lisa

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