Westminster Conducting Institute Day 1

We’re in Princeton NJ for the Conducting Institute.  Check in at 2:30 PM. We got a warm reception and a hug from Jim Jordan.  He and I are arranging another  performance by one of his choirs.  Conducting auditions began at 3:15.   40+ conductors conducting the same 17  measures of the Lassus motet “Salve Regina” for the faculty, including Jim Jordan, Bruce Chamberlain, Weston Noble and others.  My turn came about 35th. It was strange jumping up and conducting a piece that I’d just sung 30 times.  There were many different styles, tempi and levels of energy.  A nice balance in the choir,with all sections about even.  Tomorrow, we find out who our principal conducting teacher is.  We were asked to list a preference, but I left it blank.  I’ll wait and see what happens. Dinner and a break, then two hours of lecture/reading/score preparation of “Dixit Dominus” by Mozart, led by Bruce Chamberlain.  A very informative session, with many hints on organizing a choir/orchestra performance, liturgical history and conducting technique.

Quote for the day(paraphrase):

“The difference between a composer and a conductor, is that the composer begins with his head full of ideas and a blank sheet of paper and the conductor begins with a full sheet of paper and an empty head.” – Julius Hereford

More tomorrow,




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2 responses to “Westminster Conducting Institute Day 1

  1. Todd

    So can we take a vote on whether we consider you a conductor or a composer?

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