Live Jazz on the Library Steps


The St. George Jazz Ensemble

We’re back from a great show last night at the downtown library.  The St. George Jazz Ensemble plus  the St. George Voices played on the steps of the Headquarters Library on Caroline Street with several hundred people in attendance.  The heat moderated a bit for us and the audience, who got to hear some fine swing, latin grooves and ballads.  The Voices opened the show with the National Anthem, in a jazz flavored arrangement by Darmon Meader.  The band followed up with Shoshona, an up tempo Latin Jazz tune by Mark Levine.  Great solos by all, including a percussion duel with Slam on drums and Marion on congas.  Tunes followed by  Duke, Henry Mancini, Mongo Santamaria and Herbie Hancock, the Voices filled in with a nice bossa by Darmon Meader and Peter Eldrige, then the band ended the set with tunes by Frank Sinatra and Dizzy Gillespie.  The audience was very appreciative.  One person commented: “What a wonderful gift to the community.”  We played a Sonny Rollins blues tune, “Sonnymoon for two,”  for an encore and called it night.  


Many thanks to the players: Rob, Lisa, David, Nathan, Earl, Stephen, Becky, Alan, Slam, Tres, and Marion.  We’re having some fun now you betcha…..  

Thanks also to the Voices, Mary, Cindy, Abbey, and Todd.  Great tuning under less than ideal conditions.  

Special thanks to Slam, for filling in many times for our regular drummer Brian, currently on assignment in Afghanistan.  We expect him back in a few weeks.  

The St. George Jazz Ensemble has been around for close to five years.  There’s been a lot of great music and even more laughs.   Several years ago at a rehearsal in the gallery, I mentioned that we’d just played some pretty hip stuff, which made us all “Jazz Cats.”  Brian the drummer replied: “Well if we’re all cats, then this must be the litter box.”  I love my job……. 

For a slide show of the event:



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2 responses to “Live Jazz on the Library Steps

  1. Cynthia Castaneda

    I hate hot weather. I really, truly do. So, I must admit that on this particular afternoon, I wasn’t the typical jazz musician, chomping at the bit to perform. I was, however, very pleasantly surprised to find myself really enjoying the afternoon, not only singing, but listening to our WONDERFUL jazz ensemble and watching the sizeable crowd enjoying the event, as well. Many thanks to John, again, for allowing me to participate, and to my fellow Voices, Abbey, Mary, Todd, and John, for being so much fun to sing with!

  2. Joe Price

    My wife Sandra and I, newcomers to this area transplanted from our farm on the banks of the Shenandoah River, have already begun to enjoy the many blessings of the musicians of St. Georges, in particular those participating in the Celtic Mass. We attended this jazz concert on the steps of the library and were blown away. You guys are really good and we look forward to hearing more of you in future.

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