Concert Report – Mose Allison at Jazz Alley

Mose Allison


Mose Allison brought his fusion of blues, jazz and humor to Seattle’s Jazz Alley last night. Born in the Mississippi delta in the late twenties, Mose comments on his web site that he’s probably the last surviving bluesman that actually plowed a field with a mule.  Working with a trio featuring Seattle musicians Phil Sparks on bass and Milo Petersen on drums, Mose opened with a bluesy instrumental, then launched into several of his signature vocal tunes, including “Your molecular structure” and an interesting version of “You are my sunshine” done in a minor key, which changed the song from a light sing-a-long favorite to a sad lament.  His piano solos were great and the grooves reflected his usual fusion of Jazz and down home Blues.  

But the show was really about the lyrics.  Mose’s poetry still sounds fresh and always has a humorous turn of phrase.  Every tune brought a chuckle.  My favorites:” Don’t give me none of that Old Man Crap” “Gonna make me an old man punk rock band, and raise some hell,,,,in Arizona.” “You call it joggin’, I call it runnin’ around.” 

Jazz Alley is a great venue.  Not a bad seat in the house, great food and a good sound system and lights.  Wish we lived closer.



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3 responses to “Concert Report – Mose Allison at Jazz Alley

  1. Joe Price

    Wow! I am impressed that you were able to hear Mose Allison live. I have never had that pleasure although I do try to get out to various jazz haunts in the DC environs, mainly Blues Alley and Bohemian Caverns.

    BTW, although I am in no way as talented as a Mose Allison, I too, as a much lesser jazz musician, have also in fact plowed a field with a mule, and in Mississippi as well, although not in the Delta! :-))

  2. Pat Mathews

    Lucky you. Mose is great. I’ve seen him years (too many to count) ago at the Blue Note in Chicago and fairly recently at Wolf Trap when they used to have 3 day jazz and blue festivals. Alas, they no longer exist. I just feel so fortunate to have seen his wonderful concerts.

    • I agree. I saw him at a small club in Tampa about 30 years ago. His playing then was pretty pyrotechnic. He was all over the keyboard and played some spectacular things. I remember being in awe of his technique at the time. The Jazz Alley show was more understated. Different, but really funny.

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