First Fridays at the Last Resort

St. George’s Sydnor Hall, renamed “The Last Resort” for our  First Friday concert series, is poised to become one of Fredericksburg’s premier music venues.   Our first show of the season, featuring singer songwriter Sam Pacetti sharing the bill with St. George’s own Jon Bachman, was a resounding success.  Sydnor Hall was transformed into a club, with tables, comfortable seating, and great atmosphere.   Over 80 people attended, listening attentively to the performers while sipping coffee.  I arrived at the beginning of Jon’s first set, and found the energy in the room transformative.  The audience was obviously there for the music.  They sat quietly, focussed on the performance, with little conversation.  The room was quieter than the Nave on Sunday morning.

Thanks to Jon Bachman, for taking the organizational lead, to Chris Schwartz and his team, who handled set up and cleanup, to Nancy, for taking care of the innumerable details.  We’re off and running… 

Next Show: October 1 at 7:30 – John Vreeland Jazz


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  1. Todd

    I boldly predict that The Last Resort will quickly become one of the premier live music venues in Fredericksburg — a great crowd, great space, great atmosphere, and superb performers…

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