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St. George’s Organ Nearing Completion

The new Parsons 3 Manual Tracker Organ at St. George’s

After four weeks of work by Parsons craftsmen, St. George’s new pipe organ is nearing completion.  The majority of pipes have been installed, voiced and tuned, and final adjustments are being made to the key and coupler action before the crew takes a well deserved Thanksgiving break.  Tonal director Duane Prill will return with several assistants to install, voice and tune the remaining reed and mixture  pipes after Thanksgiving, so that all will be ready for the organ’s maiden voyage on December 5th. 

I’ve been able to spend some time playing the instrument, and some pipes are still awaiting installation, it’s very impressive.  It has principal choruses on all three manuals and a varied selection of flutes, reeds and strings.  There is a wealth of foundation tone to support hymn singing as well.  I’m looking forward to spending some time getting better acquainted in the coming weeks.


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