St. George’s New Organ Makes Its Debut

At long last, St. George’s new Parsons tracker organ is ready for its coming out party.  Parsons tonal director, Duane Prill, is touching up the tuning for the last time today, before returning to Rochester for Christmas.  After a month to give the organ time to settle in, he and a small crew will return to make final adjustments to the mechanical action and touch up the voicing.  The pipe organ is an organic instrument, (no pun intended), composed mainly of wood and sheet metal that respond to subtle changes in temperature and humidity.  For an instrument of this complexity, this important settling in time allows the materials in the organ to get acclimated to their new home and guarantees that the tuning will remain stable from season to season.

I came to St. George’s in July of 2005.  The old organ was removed in January of 2007, nearly three years ago.  I feel blessed to be able to play one of the finest instruments in the area.  It will be heard in worship for the first time at all four services at St. George’s on Sunday December 5th.

Our first formal concert will be on December 31st at 7:30PM as part of the Fredericksburg First Night Celebration, featuring myself and Trystan Bennett.


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  1. Wow! I am so looking forward to hearing it in our space. I can hardly imagine what it will be like. Cheers on the whole process and all the hard work it took to make this happen.

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