Westminster Conducting Institute Day 5

After warm ups this morning, we had a yoga lecture by Mark Moliterno, creator of the YogaVoice Program, which uses yoga philosophy and practice to improve singing and overall health and well being. I had the pleasure of taking a five day YogaVoice Class with Mark while I was on sabbatical last summer, and felt the best I have in a long time.  After a brief explanation of Yoga concepts, we spent some time with breathing techniques and a few stretches.  Mark will be back tomorrow to introduce more postures and concepts.

Lisa conducted the Saint-Saens Ave Verum in its entirety today, and got some great feedback from Weston Noble.  Robin had an epiphany in James Jordan’s class while he was explaining the Laban method. (Press, press, glide, float) Laban developed a system of movement analysis that is most helpful to conductors.  I conducted “Ubi caritas” this morning and it went very well.  I just spent several hours memorizing the piece and practicing in front of the mirror.  The schedule tomorrow includes warm ups, yoga, two sessions of conducting class and the first session of the conducting master class, which will run until 9 PM.  I won’t be conducting until afternoon on Saturday, and Lisa has decided to just sing and not conduct.  It’s been a great week.


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