Westminster Conducting Institute Day 6 and 7

James Jordan and JV

Friday morning began with Sabine’s final warm up of the week, as she had to return to Germany to play her Sunday church service.  Mark Moliterno gave a short lecture on yoga practice, followed by an hour of yoga postures.  It felt good to stretch after hours of sitting.  We had two sessions of conducting in class to prepare for the master class in the afternoon.  Lisa got to conduct the Saint-Saens Ave Verum a-cappella for James Jordan and Weston Noble.  I got another opportunity to conduct Ubi caritas, and Robin concluded her beginning conducting class by conducting one verse of Randall Thompson’s ” The Road Not Taken” from Frostiana.

Lisa with Weston Noble

The master class began at 3:40 and lasted until 9:30 PM with an hour dinner break.  That’s a lot of singing.  The entire class and conductor comments were recorded for an upcoming DVD about the Conducting Institute. We were back at it Saturday morning at 9 AM and finished up at around 1:30 PM.  The choir sounded great and as a bonus I got Jim Jordan to work with me on some of my conducting skills, most of which invloved breathing with the choir and clarifying gestures.  Mary and Hurley arrived late Friday and got to hear lots of great singing. 

This is one of the great music workshops in the country.  It’s a gift to be able to attend.  Look for lots of new and interesting repertoire in the fall.

Benedictamus Patrem…….


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